About EGG

The Experimental Games Generator (EGG) is a software package and platform written in PHP for developing and conducting scientific experiments in the social sciences.

EGG was created to support researchers in economics and other social sciences, who are interested in human decision making. Being completely web-based, EGG is much more flexible than other software.

EGG is open source CITEWARE, free for non-commercial scientific use, distributed under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0. All we require from experimenters is a reference to Rusch et al. (2012) and a link to the project's website at egg.tum.de when publishing results obtained using EGG.

Also, contributions to software development are very much appreciated! The developers' website can be found at: tum-egg.sf.net



When using EGG, your experiments can …

  • be conducted almost everywhere.
    All that participants need is a web browser and an internet connection.
  • be as big as you like.
    The number of (simultaneous) participants is only limited by server capacity.
  • run as long as you like.
    Participants can be notified via email when their next decision is required.
  • be evaluated on the fly.
    Charts and statistics of experiment events can be viewed live.
  • … use any sort of web content.
    Use pictures, videos, flash games, etc.
  • … record response times.


* Please note: EGG is still in RC status. If you would like to use EGG for your experiments, please get in touch with us: hr@tum.de